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Due to the current Coronavirus, COVID-19, we at YimChanTherapies are committed to the health and welfare of our clients. Therefore all treatments are suspended until further notice (dated 17.03.2020).

We offer Complementary therapy treatments including Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage and Japanese Hand Massage. You may be thinking why 'YimChan' and what does it mean? Well my family roots originated in China and the therapies that I offer are linked to the Far East. Being born and raised in the western world and now based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, 'YimChan' therapies embraces my family name and brings together eastern traditions and therapies to the western world in which we live.

Please contact 07506 644898 or email info@yimchantherapies.co.uk

I am a professional member of the International Institute of Reflexology, Professional Reflexology, Association of Reflexologist, ART (registered) and Guild of Holistic and Beauty Therapists MGHT and MGBT.

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You may contact us on 07506 644898 or email info@yimchantherapies.co.uk.

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